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Safe, Wheelchair-Friendly Transport

Safe, Wheelchair-Friendly Transport

Strides Care

About Strides Care

Strides Care provides safe, reliable, and inclusive wheelchair-accessible transport in Singapore for passengers with special needs.

Together with our subsidiary, Silveray by Strides Care, we have over 13 years of dedicated experience supporting the wheelchair transport industry.

Our diverse fleet includes:

  • Wheelchair accessible vans (WAVs)
  • Wheelchair accessible buses (WABs)

Ride with us to enjoy greater convenience, without compromising on safety.

Find out which Strides Care service is best for you here.

Why Choose Strides Care?

Large fleet of wheelchair-accessible vehicles

Established track record in safety and reliability

>10 years serving elderly and passengers with special needs

Specially trained drivers (CPR, AED)

Professional medical escort service add-on

Types of Vehicles

We offer a suite of inclusive transport services catering to different needs with a diverse fleet that includes Standard and Premium wheelchair accessible vehicles. Our affordable fees will allow beneficiaries to opt for shared trip using our Standard Transport (Van) or single transport with our Premium Transport (London Taxi or Vellfire Limousine). All our drivers are professionally certified and trained with CPR and AED skills.

Our Fleet & Services

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Wheelchair Accessible Van (WAV)

Mobility means freedom.

Silveray’s wheelchair accessible vans (WAVs) are retrofitted with hydraulic lifters, allowing wheelchair passengers to board/alight while seated comfortably throughout. The vehicles are equipped with safety restraint systems to ensure passengers’ safety onboard.

In addition to CPR and AED training, our WAV drivers undergo training on safe driving techniques, wheelchair and lifter operations, attending to passengers with dementia or autism, and more.

Safety, comfort and convenience

Advance group bookings can be arranged

Value-added options for medical escort service

Seating Capacity: 7-8*


*Approximate capacity, depending on actual size of each wheelchair

Download WAV brochure here.

Wheelchair Accessible Bus (WAB)

Organising group wheelchair outings just got easier with Silveray’s wheelchair accessible buses (WABs).

Each WAB accommodates 8-10* wheelchair passengers and 9 caregivers. It comes with special safety systems and a hydraulic lifter to ensure passengers’ safety and comfort.

Our WAB drivers are trained in CPR, AED, and Strides Care’s specialised driver training. One of our trained bus attendants will also accompany passengers on each WAB trip to assist in securing of wheelchairs, boarding, and alighting.

Ride safely and comfortably together

Save the hassle of arranging multiple trips or vehicles

Advance group bookings can be arranged

Value-added options for medical escort service

Seating Capacity: 19


*Approximate capacity, depending on actual size of each wheelchair.

Download WAB brochure here.

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Events & Tours Organisation

Worried about wheelchair transport arrangements while bringing your loved ones out?

Sit back, relax, and let Silveray organise personalised events and tours, specially for you. From group or family outings, to airport transfers and sightseeing tours, we can help with customised itineraries that accommodate your requests and needs.

Please email to enquire.

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