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Chinese New Year Promotion

Book a Strides ride for your family this Chinese New Year and enjoy $5 off.

Promotion valid from 19 Jan to 28 Feb.

Why Us?


Skip the long queues and choose the vehicle type the fits your family needs perfectly from our extensive fleet that also includes wheelchair accessible options.


Have peace of mind and avoid last minute price surges or being unable to get a booking.


Ensure a comfortable and safe ride for your family members with the assistance of our CPR and AED trained drivers.

Our Vehicles


Toyota Vellfire

Seating Capacity: 6

Our Vellfire provides a first class experience reflected in a premium interior and executive middle seats.

It can accommodate up to 6 passengers so you and your loved ones can share the comfort of premium transport during this festive season.


London Taxi

Seating Capacity: 3

With its classical English look, our London Taxi is the perfect choice if you are looking to travel in style and comfort.

All vehicles are equipped with foldable ramps and restrained safety systems making it wheelchair friendly.



Seating Capacity: 7

Our vans are the best solution for groups of passengers with special needs thanks to ample space and the presence of hydraulic wheelchair lifters and safety restraint system.


Toyota Vellfire

$60 $55 per trip

Terms & Conditions apply

London Cab

$50 $45 per trip

Terms & Conditions apply


$45 $40 per trip

Terms & Conditions apply

Book now and get $5 off for each trip!

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Condition for Chinese New Year Promotion ($5 off per trip):

  • This promotion will run from 19 January to 28 February 2022

Service Rate (before $5 off):


Wheelchair Accessible Van (Per Passenger in Wheelchair): $45
Additional Passenger in wheelchair: $25
Limousine (Vellfire): $60
London: $50

Airport Arrival (Driver with PPE not required)

Wheelchair Accessible Van: $95
Limousine (Vellfire): $70
London: $55

Hourly Charter Rate (min 2 hours)

Wheelchair Accessible Van: $85/hr
Limousine (Vellfire): $60/hr
London: $50/hr

  • Strides Mobility Pte Ltd reserves the right to
    • alter or end the promotion at any time, without giving prior notice or compensate in cash or in kind
    • withdraw, amend and/or alter any part or the whole terms and conditions of this promotion without giving prior notice at any time
  • All prices are subjected to change without notice and are not guaranteed, except for bookings accepted
  • Strides Mobility Pte Ltd reserves the right to change the driver/vehicle at any point/ in the event if the original driver/vehicle is not able to fulfil the booking
  • 24 hours advance booking, subject to availability
  • Additional charges apply for additional wheelchair passenger

Waiting Time Charge

  • $18 per 15-minutes block (For Wheelchair Accessible Van)
  • $12 per 15-minutes block; up to maximum of two blocks (For London Taxi & Limousine)
  • Waiting time more than 30 mins will be converted to hourly charter rate
  • Airport Transfer (Arrival): No charge for the first 60 minutes based on the actual landing time of flight, additional $18 for subsequent block 15 minutes (All vehicle types)
  • Extended Hourly Disposal (per 15-minutes block): Pro-rated/block (for hourly charter)


  • $12 per amendment within 2 hours and more than 45 mins prior to pickup time
  • Amendment charges apply for changes to pickup location/destination, time and/or date
  • Up to maximum of 2 amendments allowed after booking is made
  • No amendment is allowed less than 45 mins of pickup time
  • No amendments allowed for i) Vehicle type ii) Service type iii) Additional Stops after booking is made
  • There will be no charge if amendment is made more than 2 hours
  • Strides reserves the right to change the driver/vehicle at any point/ in the event if the original driver is not able to fulfil the booking after amendment is made

Midnight surcharge

  • $12 for Limousine (23:00 hr to 07:00 hr)
  • $48 for Wheelchair Accessible Van (23:00 hr to 07:00 hr)
  • $12 for London Cab (00:00 hrs to 05:59 hrs)


  • $12 for Wheelchair Accessible Van

Additional stop

  • $12 within 3 km

*In case of lateness by passenger or Passenger No Show (PNS) for non-airport arrival trip, and driver is unable to contact the passenger, driver will leave after 15 minutes after their respective transfer waiting time.