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End-to-end Smart & Green Mobility Solutions

End-to-end Smart & Green Mobility Solutions

Green Tech

Strides Green Tech is a provider of innovative, sustainable, and digital mobility solutions. Collaborating with leading industry players, we offer a wide range of customer-focused solutions to help you accelerate your adoption of green mobility. Whether you are a large corporation or a small business, you can benefit from our expertise to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your operational agility.

Join us as we journey together to decarbonise mobility and create a sustainable future for all.
Drive the change with Strides Green Tech!

Fleet Electrification

EVCo, an electric mobility service company, is a joint venture between Strides Mobility and DST Electric Vehicle Rental (Shenzhen).

At EVCo, we provide corporate customers with a complete suite of tailored e-Mobility services, ranging from the provision of electric vehicles to vehicle maintenance, charging solutions: every step is supported by an integrated digital platform.

  • Decarbonisation planning (sustainability assessment, green financial planning, electrification transition)
  • Operations planning (fleet management, driver experience charting, risk-based insurance, online payment)
  • Vehicle maintenance management (preventive maintenance, after-sales service, battery life cycle management)

Smart Charger for Smart Vehicle

Future of Mobility

In an ever-challenging mobility landscape, we understand the market trends and are able to assist our customers in optimising resources & overcome mobility challenges through deploying innovative solutions such as Autonomous Transport.

We have been involved in several Autonomous Vehicles (AV) deployments and initiatives to integrate AV into global transportation systems; from developing a framework for safe AV operations in Singapore to testing AVs around the world.

We’re driving the future of mobility with:

  • End-to-end bus operations in both autonomous road navigation and intelligent garaging.
  • Provision of First Mile/Last Mile Service through a fleet agnostic system that manages & dispatch different platforms, integrating varied fleet management booking systems.

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems and Telematics

ADAS and Telematics are vehicle-based automatic electronic systems that employ cutting-edge technologies to improve driver and road safety. These systems assist drivers in making decisions by eliminating human errors and reduce accidents by providing real-time information on issues such as road closures, traffic congestion, and hazardous driving conditions.

With ADAS, you can automate, improve vehicle safety, and simplify daily vehicle operations.

Transport-Management-as-a-Service (TMaaS)

To address logistical challenges, we provide a full suite of transport management services to business and government clients. We can help you optimise transportation resources and improve operational efficiencies through analytics and insights.